cave tubing

Cave Tubing Adventure

Cave tubing is one of those Belizean adventures you can’t leave without experiencing.  The ancient Mayas revered these caves as places where the gods dwelled and listened to them, and with much reason.  While tubing down these cool, pristine waters, you experience an atmosphere like no other.  You might even swear you heard the gods themselves whisper an ancient secret in your ear.  Regardless of you interest, be it cultural, mystical, or you just need a relaxing time, this is one tour you want to try.

Listed As Belize’s Most Visited National Park And Conducted Adventure Tour, The Cave Tubing Adventure Entails A Day Of Relaxation Linked With Fun And History. Explore The River Cave System Of Belize From An Inner Tube. In Addition, Guests Have the Option of combining this Belize Tour With Jungle Ziplining. Experience an adrenaline rush like no other As You Soar Belize’s Jungle Canopy. Furthermore, The Tour Are All Inclusive of the following: Entrance Fee, Local Guide, Equipment, Transportation, Lunch, And All Local Taxes.

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