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Who is Yaxche Adventure Tours Belize?

Adventure tours in Belize by an ultimate tour company and operator located in the heart of San Ignacio, Belize. Offering adventure tours in Belize; This tour company is owned and operated by Mr. Denfield Gomez , a resident of the town. Mr. Gomez is well known and respected in the community. Yaxche Adventure Tours in Belize is an improved modern day tour company in San Ignacio, Belize. We strive to make your travel adventurous and affordable. As a result, fulfilling the fun and exploration you desire. Whether you’re planning a Honeymoon, Family Vacation, Wedding, Adventure Travel, or just a needed a get away from your small town- contact us. Send us an email. Let us know how you feel, what you’d like to experience and we’ll recommend a Belize adventure for you.

How we started

Born, Raised, and passionate about Belize

Mr. Denfield Gomez was born and raised in Belize. He ventured into the tourism industry with his shuttle service company, BZ Shuttle Service, boasting over fifteen years of experience. With recommendations from our customers from BZ Shuttle Service, we have now ventured into the tour company sector of this hospitable industry. Yaxche Adventure Tours takes you to every destination in Belize providing a professional service for all tours and adventures Belize has to offer. Building our foundation with only the best, we’ve hand-picked our drivers and professional tour guides. Yaxche Adventure tours create a life of Belize adventures.

Yaxche Adventure Tours Belize
Yaxche Adventure Tours Belize
Yaxche Adventure Tours Belize
Yaxche Adventure Tours Belize

WE Got You Covered

eco tours

Tours in Belize’s many wildlife reserves, sanctuaries and destinations.

maya ruin tours

Explore the world of the ancient Mayas as you trod through an epicenter of the Mayan Civlization.


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