Belize Barton Creek cave tour
Belize Barton Creek cave tour
Belize Barton Creek cave tour

Belize Barton Creek Cave Tour

Canoe through an ancient cave in Belize

The Barton Creek Cave Canoe is a must-do tour. Etched into the natural cave eco-system of Belize, Barton Creek Cave is a fascinating Mayan place of worship.  Evidence has shown that it was used extensively by the Mayan priestly society of days past, as it was originally laden with pottery and human remains.

Belize Barton Creek cave tour is a natural single passage water cave of Belize. This cave is located in the San Ignacio/ Cayo District area situating only 50 minutes away from the town. The Belize Barton Creek cave tour is welcoming, especially to the elderly and children because of its laid back experience. It requires no physical fitness because you’re driven to the entrance of the cave and the adventure is in a canoe, paddling through the cave. This is a true family vacation adventure. Even though there aren’t any artifacts, the cave is magnificent with amazing stalactites and stalagmites. Apart from Mayan artifacts; there are many other factors leading to the existence of the ancient Mayans on the Belize Barton Creek cave tour.

Belize Barton Creek cave tour


Entrance Fee, Lunch, Guide, Taxes, Equipment, Transportation, and a Beverage


  • Insect Repellent
  • Sun Block
  • Hiking/Tennis Shoes (No flipflops)
  • Shorts & T-Shirt
  • Swim suit, Towel
  • Extra Clothing (if not wearing swim suit underneath)


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