Belize Cave Tubing
Belize Cave Tubing
Belize Zipline Tour
Belize Cave Tubing

Belize Cave Tubing & Zipline Tours

Explore Belize’s Mayan Caves from a Relaxing Inner Tube & Soar Through the Jungle by Zipline

Cave Tubing Adventure

This national park is only one hour away from San Ignacio, and the tour itself takes approximately 2 1/2 hours floating from one cave to the other with some sunshine in between. While in the caves your guide will fulfill your knowledge about the historical and archaeological information about the cave history and archaeological projections you get to view, ending this wet, fun filled adventure where it all started at be beginning of your hike.

Being a country with high heat levels all year round, reaching up to a 100 degrees, I’m sure you’re interested in some water adventures. Belize Cave tubing adventure is your answer. Rated one of the coolest, not only in water temperature but as in fun, is the Cave Branch river tubing. This is a highly recommended tour in Belize, especially to cruise passengers on cruise stops in Belize (cruise ship is only on certain days).

This archaeological cave park takes you off the George Price Highway (formerly known as “Western Highway”) placing you not too far away from the Hummingbird Highway. Before you begin your adventurous float you’ll have a 25 minute hike, on this hike you get to see our different birds, insects, and nearby wildlife. On this tour you get to observe the cave system from afloat in an inner tube. Swirling around stalactites and dodging stalagmites as you’re educated by your guide about its Mayan history.

Ziplining Adventure

ADD-ON TO YOUR DAY: If you enjoy the exhilarating feeling of flying – then Belize Zip lining tour is the elite experience to view our jungles. We ensure a safe zip lining tour with double cables that are built to meet international standards. You’ll have a blast knowing that you’re both safe and comfortable.

Belize Cave Tubing


Entrance Fee, Lunch, Guide, Taxes, Equipment, Transportation


  • Insect Repellent
  • Sun Block
  • Hiking/Tennis Shoes (No flipflops)
  • Shorts & T-Shirt
  • swim suit, Towel
  • Extra Clothing (if not wearing swim suit underneath)


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