Caracol Belize Maya Ruin Tour
Caracol Belize Maya Ruin Tour
Caracol Belize Maya Ruin Tour
Caracol Belize Maya Ruin Tour

Caracol Belize Maya Ruin Tour

Belize’s Largest Mayan Site, Second largest in Region

Caracol Maya Temple Tour

Caracol is one of the most wondrous Mayan ruins in the entire Mesoamerica.  In its past glory, it was an important political center of the Mayan classic period.  Today, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Belize.  With much to do and much to see, Caracol is an example of the majestic past of the Mayan civilization.

Belize Caracol Mayan temples are Belize’s largest Mayan temples and the furthest from modern society. Situated two hours away in the Chiqibul rain-forest reserve and 500 ft above sea level. The Caracol Mayan temples cover approximately 78 square miles making it larger than the old capital city Belize City. It Hosted almost three times the amount of the old capital population.

How to get to Caracol

Getting to Belize Caracol Mayan Temples includes traveling off-road through a beauteous and bizarre pine ridge forest, Better known as the “Mountain Pine Ridge“. Are you a fan of off-road trips? Then the ruins of Caracol is the place for you to see in Belize. During the bumps and bounces, you’ll be occupied looking out for different bird species hosted in Belize. Your guide may even call your attention to a wild turkey crossing the road as he drives you through prestige forest.

Belize Caracol Mayan temples is an adventure that poses great opportunity to view the wildlife of Belize. Apart from the wildlife, you’ll definitely be fascinated with the temples and the view they exhibit from the top. From here you can look over our national reserve and the neighboring country of Guatemala. This is a combo tour including parts of the Mountain Pine Ridge tour with a few stops on your way back from Caracol stopping at: Rio Frio Cave, Rio Hon Pools, and if time allows Big Rock Falls. All these places call for a swimsuit and a towel, take a dip and enjoy Belize’s fine fresh waters on a sunny day. What are you waiting for?

Caracol Belize Maya Ruin Tour


Entrance Fee, Lunch, Guide, Taxes, Transportation, and a Beverage


  • Insect Repellent
  • Sun Block
  • Hiking/Tennis Shoes
  • Shorts & T-Shirt
  • swim suit, Towel
  • Extra Clothing (if not wearing swim suit underneath)


8am from San Ignacio


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